Michigan is divided into 14 congressional districts. Most voters know which district they are in, but the way media markets are set up the political ads we see may promote candidates that are not in your district.  A good example might be Michigan’s 3rd congressional district. The way it was created sandwiches it in between 4 other districts (2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th).  Take the city of Grand Rapids; it is located in the 3rd district but borders (in somewhat of a strange fashion) the 2nd congressional district. Grand Rapids is a significant media market and certainly, its television broadcast signals reach far beyond its city limit. That means that its media may contain political messages from different districts.  If you live in Grand Rapids it is very possible you will see ads for Bill Huizenga, however he is actually the incumbent from the 2nd district.  Counties are often split into different districts as well.

The point here is that you should make sure which congressional district you live in and which candidates are vying for your vote. I am providing below the list of the congressional districts and the candidates for each.

1st congressional district

  • Jack Bergman (R-incumbent)
  • Matt Morgan (D)

2nd congressional district

  • Bill Huizengan (R-incumbent)
  • Rob Davidson (D)
  • Graeser, Ronald E. (US Taxpayers)

3rd congressional district

  • Justin Amash (R-incumbent)
  • Cathy Albro (D)
  • Gerrard, Ted (US Taxpayers)

4th congressional district

  • John Moolenaar (R-incumbent)
  • Jerry Hilliard (D)

5th congressional district

  • Daniel Kildee (D-incumbent)
  • Travis Wines (R)
  • Goodwin, Kathy (Working class)

6th congressional district

  • Fred Upton (R-incumbent)
  • Matt Longjohn (D)
  • Young, Stephen J. (US Taxpayers)

7th congressional district

  • Tim Walberg (R-incumbent)
  • Gretchen Driskell

8th congressional district

  • Mike Bishop (R-incumbent)
  • Elissa Slotkin (D)
  • Brian Ellison (Libertarian)
  • Lillis, David J. (US Taxpayers)

9th congressional district

10th congressional district

11th congressional district (open)

12th congressional district

13th congressional district

  • Rashida Tlaib (D)
  • Wilcoxon, D. Etta (Green)
  • Johnson, Sam (Working class)

14th congressional district

  • Brenda Lawrence (D-incumbent)
  • Marc Herschfus (R)
  • Kolody, Philip (Working class)



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