The President of the United States is fearful of mobs and mob rule. So was George III, king of England during the American Revolution. Mobs, of course, played an extremely important and pivotal part in the Revolution. This is an oversimplification of colonial events. None the less, the facts lead to an understanding that the colonists felt so strongly about the King’s attitude and action toward the colonists that it required them to stand up in the face of tyranny–and well, engage in mob actions, including (I suppose) violence. Some more notable “mob” instigated actions included the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, forced the repeal of the Stamp Act, in part through terrorizing the King’s tax agents by tar and feathering them.

Social uprisings and popular disruptions were so prevalent and widespread that they reached the countryside and attracted farmers to form mobs to protect their mutual interests. All because the story goes, the everyday citizen distrusted and feared the King’s rule and resented the way in which they were governed. Sound familiar? If you have been paying attention to the news you know very well that President Trump refers to those who have gathered together to protest his actions and actions of his party leadership as mobs.

The Republican leadership is following in the President’s footsteps. Those who protested the confirmation process of Judge Kavanaugh, were referred to as mobs. To draw a straight line from the colonists to their contemporary counterparts is relatively easy.  As far as I know, the freedom to criticize the government is a crucial hallmark of a democracy. And what real purpose is the first ten amendments, if not to ensure that the popular voice of the governed is heard?

The President’s description of those who oppose him is little different from that of King George. The King pushed for strong and very coercive tactics to curtail protests and felt it his obligation to vigorously oppose any attempts to undermine and weaken his authority. the President for his part, said just recently, “I need your help this Election Day, November 6, to stop the radical Democrat mob from trying to take it away.”

If opposing what I believe to be that the President and his party are behaving more and more like tyrants, then I guess you can say that I am part of a mob.




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