The call to action is upon all of us. With the midterms right around the corner, there is still plenty for all of us to do. Regardless of the endless polling what really matters is the turnout and who actually turns out to vote- a lesson well learned in 2016. While it is too late to register to vote it is not too late for making plans to vote on November 6th.

Yes, plans. Know where you vote is essential-you might be surprised by the number of people who turn up at the wrong polling location. You can go online to: vote.org which should provide you with everything you need to know about where to vote and voting requirements.

Talk to friends and co-workers, see if anyone has questions about voting. Find out if anyone needs to get a ride to the polls and or offer to carpool and give others rides to and from their polling locations (even if it is different then your own poll location).

Encourage others to vote. Find someone who has never voted or who don’t plan on voting and explain to her/him why you are voting and why you think someone should vote. Typically midterm elections do not provide the same attention that presidential election years do. This year it may be different given the increased polarization of the electorate. Regardless of which way you believe your district may swing, voting will provide the momentum for swinging the district in a direction it may not typically go.

Get commitments from at least five people in your district to vote. And then ask each of them to get commitments from five people and so on. Perhaps find out the location of a campaign or party headquarters and visit it at least once in the next two weeks. Volunteer or offer support where and when you can. Don’t assume that someone else is taking care of business. Find out if there will be an event on election night that you can attend and bring friends.


What we see ahead for Indian country if the politics do not change does not look good. So much really depends on the midterms this year. Be the leader and voice in your community for change.  Check in with your Tribal offices and find out how the “Get out the Vote,” effort is progressing. Find out if your Tribe is doing anything special on election day–if not encourage your leaders to host some type of event, rally, providing rides to Elders or anything that will help your community be counted on November 6th.

Do something. Everyone has something to contribute. Be the leader, not the follower and VOTE!

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