The moment is upon us; there is an all out attack on our sovereignty and we need each and every eligible Indigenous voter to turn out on November 6th. We can make a difference–a real difference if we all turn out to vote. It’s our children, the rising generations to follow; it’s our land, our health, our culture–our Sovereignty–it is every nation, every Tribe, every Tribal community–it is you and me.

Let’s rise together for all our ancestors who have walked on–the courage they used to stand and fight every day since the 1st invasion in 1492. Through out the generations that followed much was sacrificed to preserve our way of life. Yes, there was so much devastation, destruction and death. The taking of our land, the erosion of culture and language–the stealing of our children. Yet we remain. The attacks have once again begun and we will rise to defeat to blatant racism, the attempted suppression of our voice and our vote.

We will rise as one, standing not on our Treaties, but upon each other shoulder’s.  We will defend ourselves with a singular resolve: to each person will we rise like never before–to defend our honor, our homes, our families, our land, our culture and the future of those generations yet to rise.

Be proud of who we are and be able to say that in the face of fierce and persistent aggression—that WE DID SOMETHING…….

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